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To bring forth the foundational values of Jainism and make them relevant to our current generation and beyond. A religion which today science is proving time and again to be accurate to the very last detail.

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Jain Ägam Literature Introduction In most of religions, there is one or more main scripture books. Hinduism has the Gitä and 4 Vedas, Christians have the Bible, Muslims have the Koran, Persians have the Avesta, Sikhs have the Guru Grantha Sahib, and Buddhists have Tripitikas.
Jain History Introduction It is difficult to cover the history of Jain religion with in the scope of this book, but we will attempt to briefly out line the salient features. Indian culture consists of two main trends: Shramanic and Brahmanic.
Theory of Karma Introduction The Doctrine of Karma is a direct outcome of the extension of the age_old and well_established principle “as you sow, so you reap” to the spiritual sphere.
Bandha (Bondage of Karma) Bandha (Bondage of Karma) Process of Bondage Karma particles attracted to the soul by Ashrav and then they get attached (bonded) to the soul. This process is called bondage of Karma.

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